Why I choose to serve in Children’s Ministry.. and Why it scares me!

Our church is fantastic ya’ll.. they always want to help people get plugged in and learn how to serve others. Everyone has special abilities and strengths that God has given them and our church has perfected how to extract these out of you in order to match you with the perfect serving opportunity.  Our church has a monthly program where you can learn more about the church, about the pastor, etc. In the third and final class, you get a personality test and they help you understand where you would fit in best serving based on your personality.

When my husband and I  did this last year- we both got children’s ministry in our personality results. I always have worked with children- in fact, I was halfway through my bachelors in education to become an elementary school teacher. I love kids but if I am being honest here with friends- they really do scare me and this serving opportunity scares me too!!

Kids really are easy to understand! All in all they really only need a few essentials- food, shelter, clothing, and love. If you give them some candy every once in a while… they love you forever!! haha. That is the easy part. The “scary” part so too, would be the fact that I am in charge of their spiritual education when I am teaching them. God has guided me to this church and to these little ones. I have made a connection to these little kiddos half way and I love them beyond words. I just want to express how much of an honor that I feel that God has entrusted me to teach the love of him to these little souls.  God has guided me to a place where I am able (and willing) to be able to minister to each and every one of these precious babies. It is an amazing gift.

 When I leave each and every week after serving… I feel energized. I feel great because I have just shared Jesus with amazing little people! It is amazing to see little ones see and experience Jesus’ love for the first time.  I am more blessed because of this opportunity that my church has allowed me to serve. 

My challenge for you this week would be to…

– Pray! Ask God to guide your hand and heart. For your hand- ask your pastor how you can get involved in serving the church. I also recommend praying and asking God to guide your heart to move in a direction that will benefit his glory best-

-Let’s Pray
                Father God, We come together and I ask that you take my sister’s hearts and desire’s into your hands. Father, please help show them how they can best serve their church for your glory. I ask God that you please help give them words to ask and boldness to step up. Thank you for always loving us with un-repayable love

In Jesus Name- Amen


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